Panasonic VIERA TC-P50GT30 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV 3D

Still confused with the 3D world? Step into the 3D world with certainty with the Panasonic VIERA GT30 Series Full HD 3D.This plasma TV provides a new experience to get the realism watching TV. Panasonic VIERA GT30 Series Full HD 3D delivers a great variety of offers that you never got before, among others, as follows:

  1. Infinite Black 2

Panasonic VIERA GT30 Series Full HD 3D provides a contrast in a bright location and adjust automatically increased significantly. Improvements to the panel the absence of blur in the image and bring up gradation of scientific and deep. Black screen will still be able to display images even if used in a brightly lit place. And when you watch movies with this TV, you will get the desired picture and movies makers will find realism in watching.

  1. 3D 24p Cinema smoother

You still see and find the jerky effect seen in movies on your TV?Well, the Panasonic VIERA GT30 Series Full HD 3D has the right solution to this problem. VIERA incorporates the analysis of information technology picture in both the preceding and succeeding frames. Impressions will look more smooth and natural. You can enjoy 3D images of a very lively because of the different tonal qualities. Susana movie you watch will be longer felt.

  1. Dynamic Contast

Imagine watching TV like to see millions of stars in the bright expanse of sky is black?This TV has had its technology. Panasonic combining the highly light-transmissive IPS Alpha Panel and high-brightness backlight. The result, a dark background and bright images and in you can enjoy with ease.

  1. Long Panel Life, Up to 100.000 Hours

A good product is environment-friendly products and durable. Panasonic VIERA GT30 Series Full HD 3D can last more than 30 years if used 8 hours a day watching! All this because of a newly designed phosphor process and rear panel process, our plasma panels last for up to 100.000 hours before the brightness decreases by half

  1. 3D Image Viewer

You can easily view 3D photos and movies with this TV. It’s easy, after taking pictures with 3D-compatible camera or cam recorder, SD card input slot on a 3D-compatible moment. And you can easily repeat your special event in 3D technology.

  1. Safe for the environment

This plasma-free Mercury and Lead. Since this is a commitment that is held by Panasonic Plasma in producing them. It is intended to minimize the negative impact of the two materials to the environment after the TV was broken and not used again. A wise decision, is not it?

  1. Game Mode

For the true gamers, be happy. Because of this TV also provides a great facility for you. VIERA automatically selects the settings that support for your game. With the optimal image and super-fast response without delays, will make your game play more challenging! Because of this technology as well, gamers do not have to be sad with image blur and obscure. VIERA’ve made everything easy and without problems.

That’s just some of the advantages of many advantages possessed by the Panasonic VIERA TC-P50GT30. VIERA, plasma TV full of amazing features and technology that you could not leave just like that. Now is your turn!