Revolution of Cheap Solar Panel

A smart discovery in alternative technology has been resolved. It is now announced that a group of scientists and mechanists in Australia has found a new smart technology in producing the solar panel. This is of course a discovery that people have waited for a long time, so they can have their own technology that depend on the sun’ energy. The scientists and mechanists promised to sell their new technology soon, after they have completed all part that need to be perfected.

The technology that they build to produce solar panel is not difficult to be followed. And surprisingly, what they need to produce it is only with a printer. Yes, this smart discovery found because of a printer. They said that a printer can print solar panel to every material surface and even to a plastic. Amazing isn’t it? The first fact is that now solar panel can be easily found out, and the second is, people only need a printer and material surface to be the place to produce solar panel even a plastic. This cheap innovation of course will impact on the selling of solar panel that everybody knows that it is expensive. Conventional solar panel will lower their price because of this technology.

The research about this smart discovery has been conducted for about one last year, and it is done by the collaboration of scientists and mechanists from CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Melbourne University, and University of Monash. One of the senior scientist, Fiona Scholes, said that this technology is applicable and easy to use since it is easy to print solar panel above a plastic sheet or any other material. The solar panel can be even printed directly to any electronic tools such as smartphone or laptop, so that those gadgets will get energy resource every day. This solar panel will look like transparent so it can be used for a building.