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From the start I discharged a basic game to perceive how things work and it didn’t function so well :). The game was something like billiards yet has a novel ongoing interaction and a special name so it didn’t well on searchings. At that point I attempted an air hockey game since I thought it is something that individuals would scan for. It didn’t work either. They were making less then $1 daily.These were worldwide endeavors yet then I notice a few holes in nearby market. There were some well known games in Turkeya. I built up the main online adaptations of these games in android. They become well known by the assistance of being the first and gotten addictive by the assistance of the talk highlight in the game :p. Individuals go through hours in the game. They play even while driving(and talk simultaneously, I don’t see how they do it :s). So the advertisement impressions came to up to truly elevated numbers contrasted with the quantity of downloads, there are some who go through 9-10 hours in a day 😐  paid ios app reviews

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A year ago these occasions with the first of these games I began to win somethings eminent, around $30 day by day. There were two different games I would create. I was figuring I could have a not too bad salary when I finish them. I distributed the other two games. Clients expanded yet the income didn’t, at that point I discovered that the organizations attempt to spend the notice financial plans around christmas, staying of the year isn’t that productive regarding promotion income.In spring I was occupied with improvement bugfixing and attempting diferent advertisement systems.. On summer I filled the applications with various sort of ads,(banner, warning, easy route symbols..) and at most I could get $90 day by day. 


Toward the finish of the mid year I began to work in some place so I had the option to surrender some piece of the pay and I evacuated some promotion types which I discovered irritating. I left just standard promotions in the games. The income from flag promotions additionally began to diminish and day by day salary dropped under $50(daily)…. what’s more, my present status; As you would see the majority of my income originates from the three online games. Their complete download is the greater part million and they serve more than 1M day by day promotion impressions with 30sec recurrence. They make around $45 on nowadays.