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How to get more real and unique users so that my app goes viral?

Hours of coding and lots of time in developing the content. After a huge load of hard work and dedication, you are finally complete with your app. You have submitted it to the Play Store and finally your dream app is listed in the Play Store. Is that all? 

App development is just the initial phase of the business. What lies ahead is more exciting and rewarding. Once your app is listed, you need to work on advertising your app and market it in the right platforms. All of this is done with one motive in mind. Making the App viral. 

Yes, making an app viral in the Play Store or the iOS Store is the greatest and the hardest feat to achieve for a developer. A viral app means that people are talking about your app in social media and you are getting buzzing number of app downloads. 

What issues are there to tackle?

App marketing is a relatively tougher task than app development and the reason behind this is the competition. There are about 3.5 million apps in the Play Store alone and there are chances that in an instant, there are 8 other apps offering the same features that your app does. 

The competition is unfair for sure. The App Market is ruled by few top performing companies with a huge market share some of which range to as high as 40%. Given the large number of apps, it is extremely tough to get up in the App Chart, let alone trend. 

Also, new developers are so much excited with the future scopes that they forget to see some of the flaws and issues with their apps. A good app should have a good UI, an excellent content and stability and should work efficiently without dumping or so. Before you think of the competition ahead, it is wise to correct anything and everything there is to. A small mistake can cost you users and that’s why it gets really important to ensure the quality of your app. 

How to get more users?

Now that your app is perfect and is void of any issues, you are all set to come to the next stage. Getting users! And lots of them. 

  • Social Networking: Social Network platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram are popular among people. About 90% of smartphone users are engaged in some or the other social networking sites. With an audience this big, it gives a wonderful platform to promote your app. Any post or any announcement you make will reach millions of people, thus increasing your app’s visibility. Investments are low and the outcomes are many. 
  • Website: Having your own website is the best thing to do when it comes to app promotion. When you have a website of you own, you are free to make creative content and it gives you all the platform that you need to promote your own. You can also communicate with your audience in a better way along with that having a website ensures that you you’re your audience attracted and simultaneously gain trust and good name. And, the best perk is that websites provide your app gives you a professional touch to your business. 
  • Traditional Advertising: Nothing can match promotion platforms like the old school traditional advertising. It involves the use of print media like newspaper, magazines and handouts to advertise and promote your app. It also includes the use of digital media like TV ads to promote your app. Creativity is the key in this. You need to attract a large number of people and you have a lot of options and facilities to choose from. Following the traditional approach boosts your visibility multi fold and also helps you to gain trust and good name among people. 
  • In-app Ads: This is one of the less tapped ways to promote your app. The process is simple. You collaborate with an another app, say a gaming app which will play your ad in between in-app use. This not only catches attention but also helps to spread your app’s name. This can help both you and your collaborator’s business. There are many top app store optimisation companies that offer in-app ad service.
  • Endorsements: Nothing can beat the impact of endorsements in promoting products. People follow their lovely superstars and celebrities. They want to walk in steps of their idols and they try to follow their lifestyle and their habits. Endorsements make use of this popular following. By endorsing a celebrity for promoting your app, you increase your app’s presence in the market. People come to know about your app and this large population of fans might also download your app. Endorsements have always been success and there’s no reason why you should not try endorsements. 
  • Search Engine Optimization: This is one of the most effective ways of promoting your app. Basically you optimize your app according to buzzing keywords and this increases the chances of your app coming in the top search results in search engines. SEO has been in use for a long time now. Developers depend on this for advertising and why not. SEO has tremendous potential to get you valuable users. 
  • Video Teasers: Videos are the new trend today. Very few people have the patience to go through newspapers or blogs and read the lengthy paras. Blogs, no doubt, are one of the best ways for promotion but not many people go through them. Videos, however have been found to indulge people. And that’s why video teasers are seen as the new mode of promotion for the masses. With a creative video and a fairly good content, you can target a large number of people and hence gain the publicity you were aiming for. 
  • App Store Optimization: App Store Optimization (ASO in short) is about making the app rank 
    high in the search results to maximize popularity in the app stores. That means more people can 
    find and download apps. Downloads mean more users and more users contribute more revenue. There are many aso companies in India that offer best aso service quality according to their expertise and experience. 

The last and the most important thing.

  • Rewards and referrals: Reward your customers for using your app. Give them coupons, distribute scratch cards and award cash cards for prolong use. Referrals are the one thing that will never fail to amaze you. Start a referral scheme. Pay your user when they refer your app to someone. This not only creates a trend but also helps to wide spread your app’s presence. 

Many of the methods listed above might sound expensive. And yes they are. But if done right, you can make your app the most installed app and trend everywhere. This adds to the repo of the company and you get to have lots of fame and not to mention, lots of cash. Happy coding!  

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