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How iOS will affect your app in generating income

With the release of iOS 11, Apple has made a new groundbreaking movement. With so many new features for its users, iOS is all set to reach new heights in the market. iOS has focussed on enhancing user experience by providing many new features and improving many more other features. And yes, there are a lot of new things for its developers as well. Let us see how the new iOS app store can help you to promote your app in a better way and probably generate more income. 

Discovery of your apps: With the new iOS app store, discovering your app has become simplified and easy. The new store interface shows the previews of your app in the specially crafted segments. With new tags like ‘Today’ and ‘Trending’, your app will have better chances of discovery. iOS has a team of editors who look for interesting apps which have something unique in them. And if your app has enough of creativity, your app will be features in the app store stories where people will get to know more about your app. Not only this, the interface of your app has been improvised manifold and yes, your chances of increasing profits are definitely off the charts. 

Product Page Experience:  iOS has included a new product page experience pane, which provides a graphically inducing description of your app. This new app page consists of small in-app usage preview slots, which you can use to showcase your app/game to the users. There are a total of 3 app previews with an autoplay option that can be strategically used to enhance your app’s chances of download. Also, there is a space for writing personal notes on your app to attract and appeal more customers. This new app product page has everything you need to publicise your app and thus widen your chances of better income. 

In-App Purchases: Yes, you read it right. iOS app store has now an special field for in-app purchases. Basically, you put up all the in-app purchases there has to be made through your app. This allows you to showcase almost everything that your app can possibly offer. People will get to know more about your app and this function if used in a well manner can help your app to reach out to more probable customers. iOS app store allows you to promote at least 20 in-app purchases including the services that you offer. The best part, your app might also get picked by the editors. Free publicity guys!!

Search Improvements: Your app is now more discoverable in the app store, thanks to the new iOS app store. The new user interface increases your app’s visibility. Not only that, the expanded results gets all your keywords and hence be assured that the users will find your app if they need any of its features. The search results now include developer, in-app purchases, subscriptions, editorial stories and few more add-ons which are sure to help you to promote your app and hence generate more revenue through downloads.  

Get Featured by iOS app store: Who does not like free publicity? But imagine this.  Apple app store itself promoting your app. Sounds unbelievable right? Well, the new iOS app store provides you with a chance to highlight your product. The editorial team is constantly looking for new creative apps that have a story to tell. If your app is unique, there are high chances that your app will get featured by the editors in the app store. More publicity means more income. You know the logic now.   

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