Digital agency is different from any traditional ad agency which is focused on creating results in the online space. Word digital explains itself a lot here; it includes creating a website, custom app development, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, content generations and many other digital strategies and this methods of digital marketing is more effective than distributing pamphlets, magazines, newspapers or hoardings. Everything here is conducted in an online method which directly reaches to people who are connected to Internet world in any way.

Agency means an area of expertise and operations where needy clients come in order to get work done on behalf of them in exchange of considerable money value. 

Digital agency or app marketing company is today’s market need because now in this hectic life no one has enough time to go somewhere in between their tight schedule. Digital agency provides ease to that work avail every kind of information digitally and in a sorted form that traditional agency can’t do that fast. 

There a steep decline has been noticed in traditional advertising but a rapid increase in digital advertising. Digital advertising is proving its worth and is now spreading all over with high growth. As well as digital advertising is not very costly, ideas that worked gets increased investment and which did not identified and abandoned at time.

Why digital agency is so different from traditional agency and why agencies need to modify themselves?

A traditional ad agency insist on providing services like marketing, branding, and advertising utilising media traditionally like Television which is great, radio, newspapers editorials, magazines, billboards and many other medias while digital agency provides services which is online using interactive media like websites, social sites, mobile marketing, email services, ecommerce and various other technologies. Work of both the agencies is same the difference lies in operation, application, methods involved and technology used. Traditional methods as its name insist on using old methods and believe that people still are attached with those mediums which is partially true people still watch television, newspaper, and radio but the main point is now people are not involved in those as they were previously now everyone is attached to their phone, smartphones, laptops, pc’s and tablets and others which you can’t neglect. That’s why according to changing generation and to match technological advancement agencies have to push them and cross the boundaries. Today’s youth is not so attached with television or its drama instead they watch Netflix, instead of opening news channel they use Inshorts app that says news in just 60words, that’s why web series are now more famous than any drama actually telecasted on television, instead of real get together people now do Skype and talk face to face through internet, you can book movies, planes, trains tickets, restaurant seat booking, or applying for any exam online.

Here, with above given examples you can easily guess why agencies are going digital. It’s not like people don’t go for offline arrangements they surely do, but you cannot insist on changes to fully appear. You have to change accordingly. So, true player today is digital agencies or aso experts(wrt apps). Ad companies or app store optimization companies in Bangalore have also adopted changes and are with all digital services.