How to buy android app reviews and not get banned by Play Store?

Hello fellow developers. We hope that you made considerable success in the last year and we wish that this year will be better and more enthralling than ever before. App Development is a considerable task. It takes a large amount of hard work and innovation to create an app and it takes even more effort to advertise your product. 

Android App market is one of the most competitive places in the market. There are about a million apps present in the app store. If you analyse deeply, you will find that there are about 10 apps for a specific task. That means whatever your app maybe or however unique your app turns out, it will always have around 10 competitors in the Play Store. 

Functioning of App Store

The Google Play Store works in a complex way. Starting from app submission to app marketing, every app developer has to go through a lot of things to get his/her app listed in the app store. Once you submit your app, you should ensure that people download your app. After all this is where the business is. Unless the people use your product, all the months of hard work is of no use. Getting people to use your app is the real deal. 

Let us explain how your app’s performance is measured?

Your app’s performance depends upon mainly three factors. Your app rating, your app review and the number of app installs. These three things determine your app’s position in the Play Store. A good app has a good rating and good reviews. The position in the app store also is determined by the number of downloads that your app has. The better your app position, the better your app performs. 

Importance of Reviews 

Although ratings also play a pre-dominant role in improving your app performance; but in this article we will focus on the importance of app reviews. 

Android app reviews are a measure of your app’s quality. When people look for an app, they see the app rating and then read user reviews. App reviews also indicate your app’s position in the app chart. The apps occupying top place in the chart have good app reviews as well as app ratings. This increases their visibility and hence the app downloads gets increased. In simple words, the better the app reviews, the more visibility you get, the more downloads your app can make. Reviews plays yet another important role. Before using an app, people go through the user reviews. This can be seen as a trust making process. If the user reviews are good, people will definitely try your app and this can also lead to better app conversions. 

Why buying app reviews are important? 

Simply stating the facts, no one wants to write long reviews and rate your app unless you ask them to. And in many cases, this also gets difficult. The importance of app reviews and ratings are already stated and it is clear that they play an important role in your path to success. In such a scenario, it is ideal to buy app reviews and ratings. 

How to buy Android App Reviews? 

Buying app ratings and reviews is an easy task but some care should be given. Make sure, whatever source you use, do not use bots for providing ratings. Google has a strict rule with the use of bots and if found, your app will be marked and can also be removed from the play store. 

There are many ways by which you can buy app ratings and user reviews for your app. And all of these ways are safe and there are no risks involved.  Below is the list of few methods that you can use for this purpose. 

  • Freelancers: By hiring freelancers, you can ask them to write good user reviews and give ratings for your app and you can even ask them to download your app. There are a number of freelancers hiring websites where you can post your ad and get your work done. 


  • App Review websites: A lot of app review websites provide with an option to buy app reviews and ratings. These websites have a large number of active users who are paid to write well customised reviews for your app and also give good ratings. The best part is that every review is organic and there is no chance of your app being marked by Google.  
  • Marketing Firms: Many marketing agencies provide packages of app review and ratings. They have plans depending on your requirement of ratings. Once you select a package, these firms ask their support staff to write user ratings and also provide ratings to your app.  
  • App Support websites: There are few websites which look after your marketing needs and also allows you to buy user ratings and reviews at considerable prices.

Need more?

  • This web service provides complete app care for you. It takes care of advertising your app and also provides ratings and reviews for your app. The price plans are really cheap and it is simple to use. This service is available for both android and iOS apps. 
  • This is another great app review and install web service. This website offers app monitoring services and also takes care of your app reviews and app ratings. With this service, you can monitor your app traffic and can also get genuine reviews for your app.
  • Reviewapp4u is similar to It also gives you genuine reviews for your apps. There are a lot of plans according to the number of reviews you want. The best part, the plans are affordable and can be used extensively. 
  • This web service provides high quality reviews for your app. These reviews are from trusted users so every rating and review is organic. The plans are relatively cheap and there is no risk lying with it.
  • This is probably one of the most used web service by app developers. This service is for both iOS and android apps. A wide option of plans are available according to your budget and every review is organic i.e. it comes from genuine users.