sinceretheory finance Missed Your EMI! Check What Will Happen Upon Missing EMIs

Missed Your EMI! Check What Will Happen Upon Missing EMIs

In the modern world, a personal loan or kisti loan provides people with a support system when they need it to meet a variety of financial needs. It can be paying for a dream vacation, covering medical bills, or renovating the house with modern equipment. Basically, personal loans are the game changer during your economic meltdown. But taking out a personal loan also means that you have to make sure you pay it back consistently within the due time of repayment. 

The foundation of kisht repayment is Equated Monthly Instalments, that is widely known as EMIs. It guarantees that borrowers pay off the principal and interest over time. But what if you fail to pay your personal loan EMI? Even something as simple as forgetting to make a payment can set off a chain of events. These may have some really hectic financial and psychological consequences on your daily life.

Here in this article, you will learn what the effects are if you miss any EMI on your personal loan. Stay tuned and gain more knowledge!

What are the consequences of missing loan EMIs?

Neglecting a personal debt Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) can significantly affect your financial journey. Even something as small as a mistake can have far-reaching effects on different areas of your financial goals in your life.

So, let’s analyze the consequences of failing to make your personal loan EMI.

  • The immediate impacts of missing a fast loan EMI are significant. Late payments are normally subject to penalties from financial institutions, which can range from a predefined amount to a percentage of the outstanding balance. This additional expense raises your debt load. Besides, this also lowers your credit score.
  • Lenders frequently use your credit score as a key indicator of your creditworthiness when evaluating whether to approve you for new credit cards or loans. Your overall credit report may drop as a result of a miss. It may make it more difficult for you to get customized or favorable terms and conditions on your credit cards or any other loans in the future.
  • Even though missing one EMI might not seem like much at first, it can have a major impact. Interest is charged on the outstanding balance of personal loans. If there are any late payments, it can result in interest being added to the principal amount. As a result, it becomes more difficult to manage future payments as the total amount of outstanding debt gets higher. Your financial problems get worse the longer you put off making the payment because interest grows at a faster rate.
  • The lender might file a lawsuit to recover the cost of the unpaid balance if the overdue EMI is not paid for a long time. This can imply suing you and asking the law for an order to repay the debt. 

How can you avoid loan repayment EMIs delay?

Here are some easy but effective ways to avoid missing EMIs. 

  • Before applying for a personal mobile loan, make sure that you have proper financial planning. Proper financial planning helps to overcome any situation quickly. 
  • In case, you are not sure about proper payment with higher EMIs, start with a lower EMI amount. Lower EMI will not have any huge impact on your overall financial condition. 
  • If you are still unable to pay the EMI amount, you can go for the minimum balance due on your personal loan amount. Minimum due balance will not have a negative impact but still, you can pay a little lower than your original EMI. 

Bottom line:

Personal loans are no doubt the biggest means of funding your urgent cash needs. It can be a real game-changer in case of urgent requirements. But you also need to be a responsible borrower in terms of urgent loan repayment. Try not to miss any due dates for loan repayment. 

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