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Tips To Get Quick Personal Loans At A Low-Interest Rate

The internet is filled with personal apps that provide quick and easy personal loans with minimum documentation. Gone are the days when you had to stand in lines and wait for days to get a loan approved. Not to mention the painstakingly long time it took for funds to appear in your account.

With the introduction of personal loan apps, the world of money has transformed. Yes, it is easy to get a quick personal loan, but only a selected few get the best deals with the lowest interest. Do you want to be one of them? 

If yes, you are in the right place. This article will share a few hacks to get quick personal loans at a low-interest rate. 

  • It is crucial to maintain a healthy and high credit score.

Maintaining a high credit score is the most important for getting good deals on loan app India. Try to keep it above 750 to be eligible to get the best offers from the lenders.

The key to keeping it high is to make on-time EMI payments. Missing a date or two in the EMI payments drastically drops the score. Also, try not to have more than two active loans at a time. 
Keep checking your credit score regularly, and if there is a drop, try to make some early payments to get it back on track. A good repayment history will do wonders to gain the trust of lenders and give you an upper hand in the negotiation battle.


  • Compare all platforms

The eligibility to get a personal loan with a low-interest rate may differ across various personal loan app. Which is why you shouldn’t jump on the first platform you see. Stick around for a while and run a thorough check on the platform that will provide you a loan and compare them.

Check which platform is providing the lowest interest rate and the highest amount. Also, you must check the duration of the loan; if the interest rate is low but the loan tenure is large, it won’t make much difference, and you won’t save much on the interest amount. 

  • Look out for offers.

You might not have the best credit score, but you can get a personal loan with a low interest rate. Yes, that is right. Different loan app often keep offers & discounts during the festive season.
Here, they might provide a significant drop in the interest rate and a rise in the borrowed amount. Follow the personal apps regularly to know about these offers. 

  • Focus on your Employment History

Your employment history also plays a crucial role in deciding the loan amount and the interest rate. The lenders ask for your employer details and salary slips to ensure that you have a steady income.
Suppose you can provide proof of a healthy employment history. In that case, you will most certainly be eligible to apply for a loan of a high amount at a low-interest rate. 


Money emergencies can arrive at any point, which is why you must be prepared to acquire a personal cash loan with the lowest possible interest rate. Remember to maintain a good and healthy credit score and to utilize the offers given by lending platforms. You will get yourself the best personal loan deals.

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