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How do I know if ASO is really working?

How are you doing fellow developers? Today we are back with another article on apps and how they work. App market as you all know is a very competitive place and yet rewarding at the same time. There are so much opportunities as well as challenges waiting for you in the app market. Facing every challenge is important else you cannot become the best app developer in the market. For with every challenge, comes an opportunity to enhance your app and to become better in your business. 

The App Market: Overview

Many of you know that the app market is crowded with apps. But with how much? Well, a survey in 2017 puts the number of apps in the iOS Store to be 1.3 millions and in the Play Store to be around 3 million. This is a huge quantity and it speaks of the competition there is for the developers. This market is dominated by aso companies that are responsible for a relatively huge number of app installs and high ratings. All this is due to the huge user base that many top app store optimisation companies have developed over the years. When a new developer launches a new app in the app store or the Play Store, the app has to face a very stiff competition and that too without much support and following. A new app developer has to work very hard to develop an user base and to ensure that the app performs well. The app performance here is the result of many different parameters. These parameters effect the way people perceive your app and also decided whether your app is a success or yet another disaster. 

The Factors?

There are three main keys that decide your app’s performance. These are App Installs, App Ratings and App Reviews. The later two are important on their own but the one that counts for majority of the contribution is the App installs. There is yet another important thing that governs your app performance. Any guesses? Yes, ASO. Before telling how, let us take a look at what it is. 

ASO: App Store Optimization

As the name suggests, ASO means using certain features and options to optimize your app as per the app store. This includes the use of various tools and techniques aimed at enhancing your app’s presence in the App Store. Let us see what these techniques are. 

Keyword Installs: This includes use of specific keywords in your app. When you look for an app in the Play Store, you search for it. And while searching, you tend to take help of certain keywords. If you looking for a Cricket game, you search the Play Store with the word “Cricket” and  “Game”. These specific keywords are used to direct the search to your app, thereby increasing your app visibility. When you fix certain keywords for your app, it increases the chances of your app to turn up at the top of the search list results. 

Search Optimization: Like the previous option, this feature also targets at enhancing your app’s visibility in the Play Store. Basically, you reframe your app’s credentials and features in such a way that the likelihood of your app showing in a search result increases. This is done by optimising content and the buzzwords in a smart and concise way. Doing this boosts your app visibility and also increases your app presence in the Play Store. 

These are some of the generally followed ways to enhance app visibility and to optimise your app as per the Play Store. With this comes another question: 

How do you know that ASO is working?

This is actually a very crucial and valid questions for all the developers. Developers invest a lot of money in app optimization and in cases where your whole business lies on a specific thing, apps for this case, it is really important that you are confident of the money you are investing. There are a lot of websites claiming to optimise your app as per the App Store but in reality, the seldom do anything. TO tackle this, we will tell you some of the ways by which you can check if ASO is working for you or not. 

Search it: Once your app is optimized as per the Play Store or at least that’s what you are told, the first step is to go to the Play Store and search for your app. Use certain keywords that you know are used for ASO. If your app comes up in the search, you can be sure that ASO worked for you and if not, you know that you have been fooled. 

App ranking: Once ASO is done, your app visibility increases and it implies that your app ranking has certainly increased. So the thing you can follow is to look up for your app and see it’s position in the App list. If your app is above the previous place, you can be sure that it worked for you and if not, then well you know what has happened. 

With these things in mind, you can check for a successful ASO. App Store Optimization is a very helpful thing and you can use help from a top aso company to build up your app visibility and increase your app’s performance. But again, be very careful of the services you are using. 


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