Android App Ratings Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tips

This app is very user friendly. The data are easily accessible. I’m so glad my friend recommended it to me. I have different password for different apps and accounts. This ny times over. It’s hard to keep track of all my user names and passwords. I used to track them on a Excel spreadsheet. However, it was an inconvenience 

because I don’t carry my laptop in my pocket. And for obvious reasons, I can’t print a copy and carry it with me android app ratings. Lol Now, everything is on this app. I actually use it almost everyday. I highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking for an app to help manage your accounts & data/password.

*** Edit I am changing my rating from 2 to 5 app works great but if the constant asking to rate the app starts again I may lose my mind. ***Please make it stop asking me to rate the app! Every time I open it, it asks me. Very annoying. You would get a 5 Star if the app would stop asking me to rate it every time I open it. I have already done this multiple times in hopes to make it stop. It does not work.

I’ve depended on this app for years. It always worked fine until the recent update that made it open and then close as soon as I used the fingerprint option. I had everything for three different family members in here and I got locked out because it didn’t recognize my p/w. Update – thanks for fixing this app! I had tried for 2 weeks and thought I was never going to get access again then Surprise! It worked again. YAY!!!

Best password keeper and generator I have found. I had 9 index cards full of logins and passwords and of course never have the cards when I needed them. Now my information is always with me! But be warned, they will bug the poo out of you the rate them and if you ignore them then every time you open the app it will not let you continue until you actually do give in and give them a rating.

 If this doesn’t work  then I’m deleting this app!!!! 4.09.20020 Update: developer seems to have fixed the issue with the app crashing. I’ve changed my rating back to 5 stars. 4.03.2020 Update: I dropped my rating to 2 stars because the app now crashes every time I try and open it, after installing the most recent iOS update on my iPhone X. I was able to find a workaround by not using the FaceID and simply unlocking the app by my password. Because of this workaround, I’m not completely locked out of passwords and therefore gave it 2 starts instead of one. My old password app is no longer supported by the newest version of iOS. I was forced to switch to another app. I tested many and settled on this one. Most of the reputable password apps will require some kind of paid upgrade once you reach a certain number of entires.