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I have no complaints about this safe App.. As long as I remember my password to get into my App. safe it holds all the passwords for all the App’s that ask for the password so I can go on with whatever App. I’m in. It keep the passwords safe from anyone wanting to know my passwords, and I like that! Get this App. it’s the best safe App top aso companies. I know😊

That the truth to you all who want to remember your passwords but, don’t want anyone else to know them. It’s to me very safe and as long as you remember the password to get into the App. safe you will do okay and that the truth again👍🏼👍🏼. Still the best App. EVER!!! What can I say on my iPhone you can get in so fast with touch thumb print I like that fetcher, I just wish that fetcher could be set up on my iPad but, I’m okay I still remember my password. So this App. I awesome!!!👍🏼😊👍🏼😊Again Great app..⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The app works flawlessly. I have outlook on my laptop and use secure mail on both my iPhone and iPad. I actually like the Citrix secure mil app better! Benefits:Very solid workflow and layoutSimple to use-no training requiredLove the fact that I can integrate both personal and biz calendars,The one button call feature for both webex, gtm and tools like teams is super convenientRock solid reliability If you’ve used enterprise email apps before you probably have low expectations and for good reason. That said, Secure Mail is… surprisingly good?

 Integrates with FaceID and other native mobile auth solutions, links multiple enterprise accounts and shows them on the same calendar, opens quickly and has intelligent assist features like the big boys. Works like you’d want with some handy extra features. I find myself using instead of going through the VDI to get to my Outlook. Its main strength is the reliable instant sync app store optimisation services. However, I had a bug where a note is completely erased and replaced by content of another note which is very weird. I don’t think there is an option to restore previous versions from this app. I had to go to desktop app and restore it there. Other than that it works perfectly.

Regarding the pricing I think it’s very high and not worth it in my opinion. Forces you to subscribe for 5 years to get a discount with a reasonable price. The developer is missing a lot of potential premium subscribers because of that. Nevertheless i’m quite happy with the free basic version. The universally synced and secure ‘notepad’ 🙂 There’s absolutely no beating this app. For free you get uncompromising security, reliability, and convenience. For a small cost, it gets even better.