sinceretheory app review Why You Never See ANDROID APP REVIEWS That Actually Works

Why You Never See ANDROID APP REVIEWS That Actually Works

These games are awesome. I just bought them all! But I have a few ideas. First off, I like the idea of having more homes in the town buy android reviews. The town can only home one family. And I have no where to put any other children. Also I would like to be able to add give children more items (optional). Also (again) I would like the app to be free, kinda like a expansion pack… So I don’t have to spend more money on the apps. Thanks for listening!!

I love this game because I can shop for different things like ice cream and buy slushies for my family from my play home and buy the CUTEST clothes for the kids and baby!!!!! My grandmother got this app for me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!! Everything’s soooo cute!!!! Totally worth the money! I’d request a carousel ride for the kids to ride or a my playhome mall with a carousel,, and maybe a hotel with a pool, or a my playhome playground! Sorry if that sounds like a lot but I seriously LOVE your games!!!!

“I am 13 years old and I love to play this game. It really helps get away the stress of real life in a game where you can control your ideal family. While the game is already amazing but I have a few tips to make it better buy google play reviews. – There needs to be a store for the kids where it sells toys, furniture, and other items.

1. A salon

2. A restaurant bus

4.make up for the mom


6.daycare for the babies


8. Fro yo place with toppings supplies store!!!!!

10. U could change the seasons

11. More houses store theater! 14.nail polish place

– A pet store would be great because all kids love animals and if you had the option to buy different pets and different supplies, it would be a hit! – Some of the furniture needs to be able to move around so the kids can design where they want the different items.

– There needs to be a teenager so the older kids that play can experience a character that looks like them. – The house needs to have a pool and the girls need to have their own room and so do the boys. Especially if you add a teen character the 2 genders need to be separated. This is also more fun for the kids to design and play with the dolls.

– The people need to be able to do chores like mop and wash dishes.

-The parents need a workplace 5 star app reviews. I mean where do they go while the kids are at school? Maybe a office. Overall this game is great but you shouldn’t have to pay for all of the different apps because I have already spent like $12 on this game series.” “I love this app but please add this in new updates:


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