Importance of app reviews

Android is dominating the mobile app market. App developers publish every day their new creation. No. of android apps had reached almost 2million with more than 150billion downloads. This market is continuing to grow. How users decide to download an app?

More than 80% users find app store ratings and app reviews are important when considering whether download an app or not. In Google play store, when user search an app they first check ratings they enter in that app page which has higher ratings and then go for reviews. Satisfying reviews assure them to download the app and negative reviews decreases the chances of being downloaded.

Reviews impact on users

Great apps always get higher ratings and reviews. Reviews and ratings are two strong weapons of any app. a potential customer believe in Android app ratings and reviews more than descriptions given by app marketer. It changes mind very fast. You when see an app below 4star rating imagine its features obviously bad enough, not be given attention and vice-versa. That’s why receiving positive reviews and higher rating is very important task of app developer’s if he is concerned about his app truly.

Impact on app store rankings

Google play store or any apps store has their private algorithms for ranking which is clearly not mentioned anywhere. It is quite difficult to determine the certain weights on rankings given the number and variation of various major elements. It is very clear that types and quality of reviews and ratings affects strongly rankings. This is for sure that one element included in app ranking is ratings and reviews whether for Android apps or Iphone apps. Good ratings have proven to way of better conversions from direct app store search results. Ratings and reviews enhance the visibility of app and simultaneously increases downloads and rankings too.

Importance of app store reviews-

  • Positive Reviews

75% of the customer downloads only that app which has most of positive reviews and take it as the important factor but 25% don’t care about reviews and download on their own judgement basis.

  • Download rate

App store comments and ratings affect the download rates and before downloading most of the users view reviews and ratings, rating above 4 and positive reviews can change the Android app installs rate easily.

  • Boost App Ranking

Reviews and ratings are key factors for the improvement of app’s ranking and its visibility. Good ranking is important as the competition between the developers is getting fierce.

  • Useful information about app

App reviews are like report cards for developer, it suggests improvement that an app developer has to focus and which sector is strong and weak it suggests all.

  • Reviews by real users are highly valued

Reviews from real users with their active profiles and latest reviews are highly regarded as the motivating factor to download the app.

Reviews are regarded as customer’s first choice when it comes to trust issues related to an app. that’s why every time a popup arrive whenever you go to certain page or use an app. they ask you to give reviews and rating related to app because it guides other people too and bring out negative aspects also about app at which app developer has to work.