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A lion’s share of application crashes come just from developer mistake, as per Janzen, the most well-known happening when a software engineer references an article or variable that doesn’t exist, in fact called an invalid pointer error.Even if developers figure out how to keep their code tight and proficient, their treatment of a helpless system association can drive an application crash too. An inconsistent association can make your telephone recover terrible information or even get no information at all.Although telephones and tablets have progressed incredibly regarding CPU speed, designers despite everything need to oversee memory and preparing capacity to keep their applications without crash. It’s significant for Android developers not to burden the framework when their application boots. In the event that an application takes over 5 seconds to dispatch, it’s killed by the OS.There are a great deal of purposes behind an application to crash. A couple of reasons that strike a chord are: a promotion that showed up, online networking incorporation, association (3G or WiFi), or a carriage button. Be that as it may, the get app reviews. 

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Without an incredible accident examination instrument, it’s difficult to know precisely why the accidents are happening. I would suggest utilizing Appsee, you can dispose of this bothersome mystery. Client accounts permit you to rapidly recreate crashes and watch client meetings inside your application. On a solitary client level, you can recognize what prompted an accident, the screen where it happened, and the progression of the client’s excursion when it occurred. Your dev group will have the option to know the explanations for accidents and patch these issues.Odds are the appropriate response is #1. In such a case that an application gets an excessive number of reports that it slammed (which happens naturally), the application will be expelled from the store. 


By and large since they hit a bug and crash. (Or on the other hand potentially on the grounds that they are utilizing a lot of memory, and are closed somewhere near the OS.)Some applications need a solid information association for them to run and when it crashes it might be on the grounds that it has a feeble connectionWithout any uncertainty, helpless memory the executives is one of the most widely recognized reasons why applications can crash on cell phones, particularly low-end mobiles and tablets. There are two significant focuses to consider here; programming practices and gadget fracture, yet it is genuinely sensible to put an enormous part of the fault onto the designer. Sadly, a few engineers structure and build up their application like it’ll be the just one utilizing the framework assets – yet that is never the situation.